Personal Branding Photography

What is a Personal Brand?

If you haven't heard of Personal Branding and your in business you must have been up to your eyes in tax returns and client work that you've not had chance to stop and read up on anything related to business, branding or how "insert hacks name here" made $20,000 in just 4 weeks.


It has been a buzz word for quite a while now and it's basically the notion of branding YOU! You are the product, the idea leader, the expert in your field, the best at what you do. It works great for artists, service providers, thought leaders, bloggers and entrepreneurs just to name a few. As a personal brand YOU have the website e.g and you talk/blog with your own voice from your own point of view on the subjects you know best, or not as the case may be. And by attracting people to engage with YOU, you build a trusted following and can sell your products or services to that group of people.

Want a much better explanation and step by step guide for creating your personal brand? Head over to Quicksprout and work through their Complete Guide to Building your Personal Brand. There are a few things that are required for a kick ass personal brand but one element that is often overlooked is filling your personal brand with photography of epic quality. I'm sorry to say but it's far better to scrimp on your web development and spend on photography than it is to waste thousands developing an all singing all dancing website that looks like crap because you've filled it with Instagram photos and stock images that have a tedious link to you and your brand.

Personal Branding Photography in Manchester

With a personal branding photography package we'll be working as close as Laurel & Hardy to get you a stash of seriously cool photography that work together and in isolation to represent you and your brand in the big wide world of the interweb and even something called the "real" world. We'll work at getting the best headshot photography you could wish for, Portraits of you in your environment. We'll do some Lifestyle photographs of you doing the things you love most and you doing what you do best. Think about those rocking band photo-shoots of them in the rehearsal studio and then sinking a bottle of JD... maybe switch out the JD for a skinny latte so your secret about how you numb the pain of client work stays between you and Mr. Daniels. We'll build stories showing people that you are a real person, approachable and do normal everyday things, just better and with more style than most people but hey, we ain't showing off here!

Who needs to find their personal branding mojo?

Anybody and everybody with even a slightly professional interest should start building their personal brand, and the sooner you start the easier it will be for you. So...

Bloggers; Journalists; CEO's; Solicitors; Accountants; Recruiters; Security Advisors; Roasters; Smokers; Brewers; Distillers; Barristers; Barristers; Floor Layers; Electricians; Plumbers; Painters & Decorators; Butchers; Bakers; Candlestick Makers; Chefs; Mixologists; Artists; Crafters; Makers; Carvers; Sculptors; Tree Surgeons; Doctors; Dentists; Plastic Surgeons; Yogis; Priests; Rabi's; DJ's; Singers; Writers; Photographers; Film Makers; Graphic Designers; Web Developers; Big Ass Machine Operators; Ninja's; Knights; Superheros; Sidekicks; Inventors; Professors; Marketers; Communication Officers; Mischief Makers; and many many more

... working with me will get you so many ball bustingly spectacular photographs that your clients and investors will be begging to do business with you. Now close your eyes and dream about all those people who will be throwing hand fulls of 50's at you just because you're YOU!

— Robert Maxfield, Actor, Manchester