Headshot Photography in Manchester and the North West

You need a professional headshot. You might not know it yet but once you've done it you'll never regret it. There are so many reasons who and why people get headshots of themselves. Using a professional means that you can relax in the knowledge that you will get headshots that represent you and/or your personal brand. In Manchester there are many "photographers" offering these services and with companies in Media City attracting more media companies to the Manchester area high quality headshots are becoming more sought after and some photographers are offering premium prices for their premium quality photography.


 Robert Maxfield, Manchester Actor, Headshot Photography

Robert Maxfield, Manchester Actor, Headshot Photography

Actor Headshots and Model Headshots in Manchester

With the opening of Media City and projects such as Sharp and Space attracting more media and creative services and agencies to the Manchester area you need to stand out from the crowd with your portfolio of headshots. Both Actors and Models need a headshot portfolio that represents both you and the roles you really need to get in your life. Scott Ellison (that's me) will work with you to make sure you get a collection of images that you will be proud to show off, will give you a better chance at getting the roles you want and will look kick arse on your website, social media profiles and portfolio sites.

“Scott made me feel very relaxed and directed the shots expertly. He was very clear and made me aware of the reasons why certain shots were composed.”
— Jackson Davies, Actor

Business Headshot Photography in Manchester

The new buzz word that's been picking up more and more speed like a fat kid rolling down a hill is "Personal Branding" you can't read any business blog today without you feeling left out in the dark for not having YOUR personal brand sorted out and screaming the good news of you and the superhero styled awesomeness that you spread around.

Along with all the boring stuff like a kick ass website, clear goals, a social media and blogging strategy plan, (Yawn!) and loads of other boring stuff what will really set you and your brand apart from the rest is a 2lb of funk in a 1lb bag headshot of you. So iconic that your customers will remember it (and therefore you and your brand) long after they forget about the photo of four bearded hippies walking over a zebra crossing. So professional that it'll make your competitors wish they'd have had a headshot too or regret using a photographer that made them look like "Toni, 23, from Stockport". And so fun that people that see it will want to do business with you just so that they can be in with a chance of just getting to hang out and rock out without fear of needing to sit in a "boredroom" for hours on end.

You need this so bad, don't you. I can tell!

 Pravin; owner of Canvas Coffee Shop, Southsea, for The School of Social Enterprise. Business Headshot Photography

Pravin; owner of Canvas Coffee Shop, Southsea, for The School of Social Enterprise. Business Headshot Photography

Who could benefit from a business headshot? Well... not to be flippant but pretty much anybody that wishes to get more business, more engagement, better opportunities, promotions, more leads and generally be recognised for being the expert in their field and at the top of their business or hungry to get there. People will recognise that by having professional headshots, you place value on YOU. And so others will place value on YOU too. So...

Bloggers; Journalists; CEO's; Solicitors; Accountants; Recruiters; Security Advisors; Roasters; Smokers; Brewers; Distillers; Barristers; Barristers; Floor Layers; Electricians; Plumbers; Painters & Decorators; Butchers; Bakers; Candlestick Makers; Chefs; Mixologists; Artists; Crafters; Makers; Carvers; Sculptors; Tree Surgeons; Doctors; Dentists; Plastic Surgeons; Yogis; Priests; Rabi's; DJ's; Singers; Writers; Photographers; Film Makers; Graphic Designers; Web Developers; Big Ass Machine Operators; Ninja's; Knights; Superheros; Sidekicks; Inventors; Professors; Marketers; Communication Officers; Mischief Makers; and many many more

...if you want to kick balls at the top of your game you need a ball busting image that screams how much value and trust you place in you and your brand. I'm Scott Ellison (by day) and I provide people and brands like you with brilliant photography that makes your customers go "wow" and your competitors shit themselves like a seagull taking revenge.

“I found Scott’s approach to be very professional and thorough. His expertise in photography was essential to our business and he delivered on all aspects. I would recommend his services and will be relying on his photographic input in the future.
Cheers Scott”
— Andy Luke, Business Owner, FSS South