Commercial Photography in Manchester

Every business needs to show their customers and investors what they do. Yours is no different. Talk of Manchester becoming a 'Northern Powerhouse' with financial decision making powers for The North is expected to attract huge growth in the area. Investing in your business is the best thing you can do for your companies health right now.

Everybody is getting to grips with the necessity of having an online profile through a company website and social media accounts. However, high quality photography matched to your brand is often overlooked and replaced with instagram 'pics' and other low quality photos. Investing in a good stock of bespoke high quality photographs to compliment the brand you've worked so hard to get will show your customers and investors that you have confidence in your brand to deliver and succeed.

Commercial Photography for your business

Not every business has the same photographic needs but some examples of commercial photography are

 Commercial Photography by Scott Ellison. FSS South, Fire Safety Solutions South are a fire risk assessment and supply company based in Portsmouth.
  • CEO Portrait and Headshots - used in press releases and "meet the team" or "about me" sections in online profiles.
  • Staff Portraits - used in "meet the team" sections on the web, email signatures, social media account profiles.
  • Company Lifestyle Photography - build a library of images of your company working hard to deliver for the customer. These could be used in brochures, on stationary, on your company website and social media profiles and can used to build engagement with social media and blog posts.
  • Product Photography - Build a catalogue of your products both online and in the real world. Use them to increase engage in blog and social media posts and advertisements


Branding your company goes further than getting yourself a nice website and well designed logo. Even with a flashy bespoke website that cost £1000's you are unlikely to get the engagement your business deserves without high quality, engaging and kick ass photography branded to your company.