How I know I want to be a photographer

Since learning how to use my camera I've been dipping in and out of the thought of dropping everything to do photography. Why have I not? Because I'm a wimp, I'm scared of failing and although I get a lot of praise from friends on my work I have little confidence in it myself. I’m all “yeah, that’s pretty good” and then a week later “Oh no! what was I thinking putting that out for people to see”.

So! What's changed? Possibly just the sun... I'm always in a better mood with the sun out. But mostly this.

I'm not sure if you know this but my full time day job is working with young people that offend. I love the job, it's great, however, there's nowhere really to take it on from where I am. I am currently on a course about working effectively with young people who offend. I have an essay due in on Tuesday. What have done since yesterday? I have sat in work "reading" a chapter of the core text whilst thinking about photography courses, I came home and logged straight on to creativeLIVE and sat till almost 2am watching their live course by Jasmine Star. This morning I have woke up at 7am to start my essay but all I can think of is tonight’s course, photography business plans, ways to improve, gain experience, how to build my business, and go travelling without let ting the business slip.

I want to thank Jasmine Star for talking about ALL the details of her experience of building her business up as this has quashed some of my fears about taking the leap for mine (or at least damped down the flames of fear).

I know that I will make mistakes... possibly big ones, however I also know that there are ways to use those mistakes and learn from them.

Don't get me wrong I will NOT be going to work on Monday and give in my notice but I'm definitely going to take bigger steps to achieving my goal and not take a step and jump straight back into my comfort zone.

Game on!

Rant over :