3 Deep - Music Photography - Sankeys Club DJ Set - Manchester

Here are some of the better photographs of 3 Deep whilst performing their amazing 2 hour set on the decks.

I used my kit lens alot for this shoot as the 50mm just wasn't wide enough. If I get another oportunity I'd hire a better quality wide angle lens, maybe even a fish eye. I played around with the strobes a little in terms of possition throughout the set but think I need to have a play with the power as the light is so low in the club and the flashes were off the camera auto focus just didn't work so manuel had to be played with with a smaller aperture I think I could have got more good shots that were better focussed. Live 'n learn.

This was my first attempt at photographing inside a club and I absolutely loved it. Although I know I've got a lot of practice to do to develope in this area.

Thank you 3 Deep for the oportunity. Check them out on their myspace.