Building Portfolio

Over the next few months I want to increase my portfolio and get some well earned practice in prior to my mates wedding that I'm shooting in September... nerves are high more so because it's my mates and I want them to have the best photo's ever!

Next week, Wednesday 30th June and Thursday 1st July 2010 I'm on a course with the Trained eye on their two day portrait course. It look's amazing. For the occasion I've hired a Canon 70-200mm f4 L lens I wanted a 2.8 but I'd left it too late to get one so close to the Grand Prix date :( but the guys at Lenses for Hire have been amazing and told me that they already have people on the same course with the lens... so if I use my good ol' northern charm I might still be able to get a go on one. Even so the hire is so cheap that I could get one out another time for a good play around. So... This course will get me back in the groove of portrait photography work and hope to keep my jaguar skills going after the course.

If your in and around Warrington or Oxford and Southsea when I'm around there and if you'd like some nice portraits of you, you and your better/worse half, kids, family, bump (baby not hernia please), band or darts team then give me a shout because I'll try my hardest to get the best photo's I can for you and best of all... for now it's... FREE!