Sponsor me to Shine for Cancer Research UK

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

So... I have some how ended up signed up to do a 26 mile walk for Cancer Research on 17th April 2010.

This all started with a colleague sending an email round work with the details. The Shine Walk, a 13 or 26 mile option walk throughout the night in Manchester to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Being the impulsive person I am straight away I agreed to do it as most of the others in the office were signing up for it. I thought walking 26 miles, that's easy, running yes I can understand being hard but a walk would be no problem.

A few months have gone by since signing up. I've had the training programme through, and it's a lot to keep up with. I've now also heard the horror stories come through of very fit and very healthy people struggling on the "Moon Walk" for breast cancer in London last year. So now... I'm bricking it! And added to that, it's a walk in the middle of the night through and around Greater Manchester... no sane person does that.

Why? Well firstly it's a challenge, I've come to realise I'm bored of being fat and needed something to aim for this year that would get me fixing up and looking sharp and this was the start. Also on the books is a triathalon in May, 60 Manchester to Blackpool bike ride in July and a half marathon RUN in October. And thankfully as a result of this pressure I've not been to shoddy in the gym. Nearly a stone lost since just before Christmas.

Also, I'm sure we all know or know of someone affected by cancer. Some with amazing stories of recovery and others that were not so lucky with their fight. And I'm sure that we'd all liked to have helpped those people in any way we could.

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Cancer Research UK gets your money faster and, if you’re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

So please sponsor me now! And honestly even if it's 1p, £1 or £5 no matter how much it's more than welcome. And remember I need to be reminded of how much you would all love to see a hobbit looking fella suffer in pain at the sight of physical exhersion. So go on, go on, go on... Go on!

Also just as a bit of a thank you! If wanted, for anybody sponsoring £10 plus :) I'll do some photo's for you. Whether that's just you, you n your better looking half or a family photo. But keep in mind that I can't promise I'll make you all look good, I know some ugly people ;) And I might need a month in rehab to get feeling back in my feet and legs... oh and I want be able to get to those of you that are missions away, you can have IOU's :)

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