Photo Project - Sno!ball Rally 2009 Fund Raiser idea

I have “a cunning plan”… Last weekend I went for snowboarding lessons and my friend has told me about the Snowball Rally 2009 43 slopes in England over 3 days. To enter the rally team members are required to raise a minimum of £250 each. I hope to improve my skills on the snow so that I’m “good” enough to take part in a team with my mate’s boarding crew.

My plan to raise my £250 minimum is to run a photo fund raiser. I’d like to set up shop somewhere and charge for £1 portraits… Well £1 per person and they get a group and individual portrait. By doing this I hope to be able to easily raise the money if not more which will help take inner city at risk of offending young people on Snowboard camps as a diversion activity from the drugs and crime around them.

I was hoping to hear from people that have ran similar photo projects that can give me some pointers. Maybe yours went really well and want to encourage me or put me off because you burst a blood vessel when attempting it or maybe you haven’t done anything like this but would still like to give me some information, pointers, links to blog articles etc. Either way it would be great to hear your views.

The way I see this is that it’s a win for everyone, people that would not usually have family, team or individual portraits will get several photographs for £1 available for them to download from I will raise, hopefully, the £250 minimum entry fee to the rally, get invaluable practice and experience of portrait work and get some more photographs for my site. But the most important thing would be the young people get to access a sport that will offer them amazing opportunities and in effect potential save lives.

I can’t wait to take part in this Rally. But most of all I can’t wait to take lots of photo’s and raise money for young people to GET INVOLVED in something amazing!