The Move

Scott Ellison Photography is about to leave the Southsea, Hampshire area for the cold grim north. I am going to move up to Warrington where I was born as I have a new job. The bad bit about this is that I wont be in the area I love with the people I love. The Good news!!! I'll have a lot more money to spend on photography gear, photography course and to go away even just little weekend trips to photograph more than I am at the moment.

Hopefully over the next coming months I will be able to build a photography portfolio on that is a much higher standard than at the moment. I hope to be able to do a Portraiture course around September time with The Trained Eye and a few other courses over the following months to build a better knowledge and understanding of photography and lighting. I want to be able to take the best photo's possible for my friends wedding.

Anyway, back to the move. I am about to unplug the internet so I'll be off line till Sunday possibly even Monday. But Scott Ellison Photography will be back and hopefully the photographic development will be very visible.