A competetive kickin'

A few months back I started going along to the Warrington Photographic Society weekly meetings. WPS hold a monthly contest so I thought I would try my luck in their 2nd competition of the season. I entered 3 photo's which were judged by Tony Pioli and below are the original photographs his comments and a revamp version of the photograph.


1. Chilling Buddha...

Originalscored 12/20 it was described as one of the weaker images in the competition. Flat subject as the lighting from behind does not give any modelling to the subject. There is too much space on the right hand side and that the subject should be on the right. Tony felt that the dark patch in the background was distracting.








2. Meditation...

originalscored 16/20. To improve it could be cropped bottom to take off some of the floor. He liked the lighting around the statue and the symetry of the image.










3. Thoughts...

Originalscored 15/20 thought that the background was not related to the subject, it did not tell the viewer anything about the subject or what they were looking at. He would like to have seen less crop at the bottom to see more of the note pad, good lighting shadows a bit dark. Subject was strong but is let down by background. Too much negative space to the right of the image.








So... There you have the result of my first competition entry. I'd love to hear from people to let me know what you think of the revamp images, if you agree with Tony or not or if you have other criticisms just shout at me in the ccomment box below.