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Scott Ellison is a Commercial Photographer based in Manchester working across the UK. Specialising in People, Food and Travel Photography. Your company or personal branding is more important now than it ever has been. With the increasing use and effectiveness of social media networks to promote and advertise your products and services, first impressions count. So along with impressive graphic design high quality photography within your branding is essential. Everybody using social media and websites to promote their brand should have a library of high quality photography of themselves, their staff, their products or service and a whole bunch of images that represents the the blood, sweat and tears you have put into your product or service.

I'm Scott Ellison and I can provide high quality photography for your brands needs.

Portfolio of Manchester based commercial photographer Scott Ellison

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Manchester Commercial Portrait Photography

There are many people offering Portraits in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Not all of them offer high-end portraiture at reasonable prices. I love meeting new people and Portrait work is the service I provide the most.

To represent your brand the best it can be, you need a portrait of yourself and/or your staff which shows that you understand the benefits of professional high-end photography. You might look great in that photo taken by your mate on an iPhone at a wedding, but is that the right photograph to show the world to represent you as part of your brand. Showing value in photography shows you place trust and value in you and your brand. CEO's, Actors, Artists, Journalist, Bloggers, Musicians, Professionals, Craftsmen and everything in between would benefit from high-end portraits for promotions, social media and 'about me' sections.

 Robert Maxfield - Manchester based Actor headshot

Robert Maxfield - Manchester based Actor headshot


Manchester and the North West has become a major hub for the media and communications industry since the opening of Media City. Careers of all kinds within the industry have increased massively over the last few years. For many roles high quality headshots can help you stand above the rest in a saturated market. It's not just actors who would benefit from headshots, anybody using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote themselves and/or their brand, bloggers and journalists need professional headshots to stand out from the crowd and show value in their own brand.

 Pravin Isram - Social Entrepreneur Portrait - Canvas Coffee Shop, Portsmouth, UK

Pravin Isram - Social Entrepreneur Portrait - Canvas Coffee Shop, Portsmouth, UK


Some like, Musicians, CEO's, Artists, Councillors and many others may require more than a headshot to promote themselves. This might be a portrait to provide for a press release, a social media banner or larger 'about me' website section image. Whatever your requirements I can tailor portraits to your specific needs. Portraits can be done both in studio or on location and with so many great locations in and around the Manchester area you'll be sure to get a portrait that has a unique look, represents your brand and fulfils your needs. And the best part... you'll be able to use them time and again.




Staff Portraits

You spent so much time, money and effort making sure your brand is represented by the best people you can find, so why not show them off. Many larger companies are placing photographs of staff on websites and in the office. This gives your customers a face to put with the name which results in a more personal service. This is great for account managers, sales staff and other frontline staff. They can be used in a 'meet the team' section on your brands website, staff ID's, in email signatures and as avatars for staff managing your brands social media. Staff portraits can be done at your office space to minimise disruption to your business.

Show the rest of Manchester how hard your brand works

Photographing your brand in action will supply you with a library of high quality photography to use in all your marketing. Using photography within your social media campaigns is one of the best ways to encourage engagement with your brand. You can write on your website about how successful your business is but a photograph of your cafe, bar, restaurant, shop, studio, workshop, office, farm or wherever you work, busting at the seams with action gives a valuable impression to your customers about the hard work you do.

Scott Ellison, providing brands with high-quality photography in Greater Manchester


The story starts in 2006 when I bought my first DSLR camera, it probably starts before that but nobody wants to hear all that. I went on a trip to Turkey with the camera and could not get a good shot even though I'd spent all that money on the damn thing. So, I went to night school and earned a distinction BTEC in Photography, the best grade I'd ever had. I developed a keen interest in portrait work at first and got increasing requests from friends and family to photograph their weddings and family portraits. This work was good, but didn't feel like it was what I really wanted to do with my photography.

In 2013 I took voluntary redundancy from my local government job with a Youth Offending Team. I had a good knowledge of photography at this point and bought myself my second DSLR, this time a professional quality full frame camera along with some really nice lenses and went travelling with my girlfriend. We had a great time travelling around Asia and I got some really good photographs. On our way round we met lots of people with a similar outlook on life, some taking time out prior to starting their own businesses and others had settled into business ownership abroad on a life time journey. This gave me the idea of working with businesses and professionals. Providing them with the high quality photography needed in todays markets to make that all important 'right first impression'.

Today I am working with businesses, brands and professionals in Greater Manchester. I provide businesses with portraits of their staff and owners, product and food photography and an editorial photography perspective of the workings of their brand. Professionals from solicitors to sportspeople, engineers to writers and accountants to bloggers and everything in between either drop-in to my Pop-up Portrait studios or book private sessions to get the high quality Portrait Photography required to make that first impression on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media and portfolio sites. Through setting up my own business and working closely with web marketing expert Tom Oldham, I have been able to support many of my clients with tips and ideas for their own online marketing strategies.

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